Ken Stone



  • WordPress plugin development.
  • WordPress child theme development.
  • Full software development life cycle.
  • PHP, HTML, HTML5, javascript, AJAX, JSON, SQL, CSS
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to multi-task and manage deadlines.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment.
  • Thought leader…, Houston, Texas June 1998 – present

Focusing on WordPress plugin development.

Created a Custom Search plugin for a public speaker website.  The client wanted visitors of the site to have the ability to search only public speaker pages and not have blog posts and other pages returned.  Plugin allows the user to select which pages will be returned in the search results via an admin settings page.

Created a plugin that reads a JSON feed that will asynchronously update the feed via a client side AJAX request. Feed can be displayed via the shortcode and styled with its’ CSS file.

Created a plugin to remove shipping fields are aren’t needed when selling only digital downloads in Woocommerce.

Created a plugin to remove or alter the link in the meta widget

Created a plugin that uses a shortcode to place a form on a page.

Moved from self hosting to cPanel shared hosting.

Developed PHP script to determine twitter accounts that are not following back.

Developed my own PHP web framework and used it for many years until I discoverd WordPress at was very similar to what I was doing and was far more advanced.

Developed PHP code to add watermark to JPG files.

Setup various linux boxes to run mail and web services. Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat. LAMP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

Desktop Support, Web Development, System Administration, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey — April 2006 – April 2007

Web development: Visual Studio 2003, Visual Studio 2005, Oracle Developer, SQL, Access, Excel, Gammadyne Mass E-mailer
Desktop Support: Win XP, Wyse Win XP Embedded thin clients, Win CE thin clients, Microsoft Office
System Administration: Windows Server 2003, Active Directory, DHCP

Consultant, — August 2002-June 2003

Web site development focusing on the Microsoft platform. VBScript, ASP, ASP.Net, VB.Net, HTML, JavaScript, PaintShopPro 7, MacroMedia DreamWeaver MX

Software Engineer, Tellium, Oceanport, New Jersey — October 2000 – August 2002

Designed, developed new features, and maintained existing embedded systems code using Object Oriented C++.

Software Engineer, Quintum, Eatontown, New Jersey — December 1998 – October 2000

Design and development of web based graphical user interface (GUI) in C, C++, javaScript, CSS, and HTML. Firmware update utility based on FTP and developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.

3Com Corporation / AccessWorks Communications, Holmdel, New Jersey  08/1994 — 12/1998

Development Projects

The following projects were developed for an embedded Motorola 68302 microprocessor running PSOS.

Designed and developed a web based dial-up scripting configuration utility for a LAN modem (LAN to ISDN or POTS). Client side script parsing and error checking written in JavaScript. Server side post and send functionality written in C.

Maintenance and enhancement programming for a web based configuration utility for a LAN modem. Client side written in HTML and JavaScript. Server side send and post functionality written in C.

Implemented additional call control features such as redial capability to existing LAN modem firmware.

Added PPP CHAP spoofing feature, written in C, for 68302-based ISDN terminal adapter. This firmware allowed Win95 to perform PAP on the local serial port and CHAP with the remote end of multilink PPP over ISDN connection.

The following projects were developed to run on a PC.

Designed and developed a platform independent client program written in Java which utilizes sockets and the TFTP protocol. This program was used to perform firmware updates on a LAN Modem.

Designed and developed a Windows NT 3.51 Ndis PSB 2186 S/T-interface transceiver device driver using C for an ISDN network interface card. Also provided External/Internal design specification.

Designed and developed a Windows NT 3.51 device driver using C for an ISDN network interface card. This driver is for the Lucent T7901 Wide Area Network Controller chip set. Modules include B-channel, analog port interrupt service routines for data and signaling, off-hook, on-hook, and DTMF.

Designed and developed a Plug-and-Play test/diagnostic program using C to run in MS-DOS for PC-ISA PnP internal ISDN terminal adapter. This program was utilized to debug a hardware design.

Designed and developed Microsoft VisualTest scripts which automated testing of ISDN terminal adapters with both Win95 and Win3.1 based applications.

Maintenance programming in C on an MS-DOS based PC serial communication port application.

Manufacturing Test Engineer

Developed embedded manufacturing diagnostic tests using C for a Motorola 68302 based ISDN terminal adapter. Test routines were provided for the 68302 processor, RAM, internal and external loopback on the u-interface, DTMF tones, on-hook/off-hook interrupt and various register tests. Supported manufacturing in use of tests with detailed test procedures designed to meet ISO 9000 requirements.

Designed and developed a manufacturing diagnostic test program written in C for PC ISA based internal ISDN terminal adapter. This was done for a board based on 68302 processor and also for a processor less board based on the Lucent T7901 chip set.

System Test / Design Verification Test Coordinator

Wrote comprehensive design verification system test plans for ISDN Terminal Adapters. Tests included user interface, B-Channel protocols (v.120, PPP, MLPPP, TCP/IP, UDP, IPX, etc.), D-Channel Signaling, and inter operability testing.

Teleos Communications, 2 Meridian Road, Eatontown, New Jersey  06/1990 — 08/1994

Wrote comprehensive system test plans, for ISDN (Primary Rate & Basic Rate), T1, V.35/RS449, RS366 dialing interfaces, MS Windows based network management console. Carried out testing of the above-mentioned test plans.

Developed test scripts using MS-Test to automate system testing.

Developed a Paradox multi-user MS-Windows based Malfunction Report database which was used to track all product problems throughout the development phases.

Wrote test engineering documentation, for ISO9000, and BABT340 procedures, for all phases of manufacturing test.

Set up and maintained a data base for all board and system level hardware failures.

Wrote diagnostic programs for the Fluke 9010A for use on 68000 based boards.

Wrote Huntsville Microsystems Inc. 68020 emulator assembly language programs to aid in the troubleshooting of 68020 based boards.

Provided UNIX system administration to the manufacturing department.

Electronic Associates Incorporated, West Long Branch, New Jersey 03/1987 — 06/1990

Test and troubleshot a wide array of products which EAI contract manufactured for companies including IBM, Instrument Labs, AT&T, Pyrotronics, & Channel Net.

Owner/Operator, DJ Ken Stone, All Mobile DJs ( )

Texas and New Jersey — 1982-Present.

Mobile DJ for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or almost any other type of event.

Web development, customer service, sales, marketing, event planning, event coordination, event DJ.  I regularly communicated via email, phone, and in person with customers regarding their event details.  Other duties involved driving to and from event facility,  following maps, directions, and GPS, loading and unloading equipment, setting up equipment and equipment maintenance.


Rutgers New Brunswick – over 90 general education, math, and computer science credits.

Brookdale Community College – over 60 general education, engineering, and computer science credits.

DeVry – Electronic Technician Diploma.