I’m a firm believer incrementalism when it comes to creating and updating a website.

I’ve seen so many sites delayed, over-budget, even scrapped and started over after months of development before ever having their first visitor.

Start Small

It’s fine to put up a website with some basic information about your company or whatever the website’s main focus is. Provide some contact information. Maybe it’s just an online form or a sign-up to join an email list.

If you are planning to be an online merchant start with a few of your best selling products. This will help determine the order processing flow. I recommend starting with Woocommerce and see what features are missing and take it from there.

Early Feedback

By starting small you can get feedback from a few customers or visitors. You own feedback and employees using the backend processing orders. Tackle the biggest obstacles first and get them right then move on to the nice to have features.

Updates and Enhancements

As your site is updated and new features or content are added make the perfect time to announce these to your client base, press release, email blast, twitter, etc. I find this to be so much better for SEO. A search engine will visit your site initially then index it. When it comes back if it finds new or modified content it will make the updates as well as keep a note that this site is making regular changes and will visit more often looking for changes. Whereas if you create one huge site with one grand opening go live date first of all any visitor probably will not be interested in visiting every corner of your huge site. Second when the search engine comes back a second time and doesn’t see any changes it will make a note that this site doesn’t need to be checked very often and may not contain up to date information.